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Sustainable Supply Chain Exhibition

Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson

CEO, Ocado Intelligent Automation
Mark has spent his career at the intersection of technology and logistics. With a background in software development he was an early employee at Ocado, where he helped launch the business and ran the Technology function for ten years. He served a further ten years as COO, overseeing the growth of Ocado's advanced logistics operation in the UK and the development of Ocado's first generation of robotics based automation. He has built highly automated warehouses across the UK and deployed the same large scale automation for some of the largest grocery retailers around the world. Now as CEO of Ocado Intelligent Automation he is bringing the latest generation of Ocado automation to customers in all industries for the first time. Mark is passionate about the power of sticking to a long term vision to address long term problems. Staffing logistics operations is a long term problem and massive, evolving automation is the long term solution.