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Shell Scheme Information

Sustainable Supply Chain Exhibition

Shell Scheme Information

Shell Scheme Information

Shell Scheme Stands (Build Up): Monday 18th March 2024 from 08:00 until 14:00 (GMT)

Shell Scheme packages include:

• 2 x 120 watt spotlights*

• 1 x 500 watt Power Socket**

• Carpet (charcoal)

• Cleaning


* This is standard shell lighting. If you require specific lighting, e.g. more spot lights, please complete and return the Electrical Order Form to Showlite.

** This is a standard power socket. If you require a specific power socket, please fill in and return the Electrical Order Form to Showlite.

Initial power connections to stands are made as soon as possible, but will not be available until the construction of the stand has been completed. For queries, please contact the electrical and stand contractor.


All shell scheme providers need to submit the following documentation before dressing of their stand can commence:

Show Guide Entry Form - 16th February 2024
(Submit on E-Zone

Signed Health and Safety & Risk Assessment documents, and Public Liability Insurance - 14th February 2024

Fascia Name Form - 23rd February 2024

Voyage Control (NEC delivery and parking passes organiser) – 8th March 2024 (