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Exhibitor Press Releases

Sustainable Supply Chain Exhibition

20 Feb 2024

SEE Prioritises Packaging Automation for IntraLogisteX

The range includes AUTOBAG® brand AB850SP – a compact system that runs all-paper, recycle-ready bags and incorporates high resolution printing of shipping labels directly onto the bags. AUTOBAG® brand AB850SP can open, label, and seal up to eight bags per minute, using high-quality seals. Bags are 100% kerbside recyclable, subject to the availability of appropriate local recycling facilities.

Automated mailer solution AUTOBAG® brand PriorityPak® will also be on the SEE stand. The system rightsizes ready-to-ship packages to minimise any wasted packaging material and void space and will be joined by the robot-based Pick and Pack system from Gripple Automation. 

Mail order fulfilment professionals may also be interested in AUTOBAG® brand AB850S. The system uses unique bag-opening technology to securely grip and hold open bags in the right place. The system can run bags up to 550mm wide and is capable of printing high resolution graphics, text and barcodes directly onto bags.

Duncan Hall, UKI APS Commercial Director at SEE, commented: “There’s a growing trend of warehousing and fulfilment companies investing in automation and digitalisation to make their operations quicker, more reliable and increasingly agile. Our automated packaging solutions help meet this demand by combining high-speed bagging and printing to maximise efficiencies and throughput.

“System integration of pick, pack and printing functions is enabled through technology that can quickly process high volumes of products, while also improving packaging accuracy and consistency. This can support sustainability goals by optimising pack sizes and material usage. Packaging automation can also reduce manual touchpoints to help address labour scarcity issues.”

Also on stand 420 will be AUTOBAG® brand PS 125, a tabletop bagging system that can operate at speeds of up to 25 bags per minute.

Duncan Hall concludes: “IntraLogisteX attracts logistics and fulfilment professionals looking for innovations that will help them solve current and future challenges. Our exhibition stand is designed to fit with this by showing operators how they can effectively automate their packaging lines.”

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