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Sustainable Supply Chain Exhibition

03 Nov 2023

Scaling Circular plastic pallets for the Seafood industry

AION Stand: 1340

The project will result in the implementation of several thousand reusable and circular AION plastic pallets together with our partner CIRCMAR AS in the Norwegian Seafood industry, to further develop and test the full implementation of a pallet pool. The goal is to replace the industry’s annual use of over 4,5 million single-use wooden pallets and utilize plastic from their own value-chain as input material for the circular plastic pallets.


AION is delighted to announce that we have been granted project funds from the Norwegian Retailers’ Environmental Fund (HandelensMiljøfond - HMF), to scale the use of circular plastic pallets for the Norwegian Seafood industry together with our partner CIRCMAR AS!

This project is an important milestone to reach the goal of replacing 4,5 million single-use wooden pallets used annually by the Norwegian seafood industry with reusable plastic pallets. AION will recycle industrial plastic waste, e.g., FIBC bags used to transport fish feed, into high-quality material to be used in the production of pallets. The project will hence increase resource utilization and recycling and reduce the plastic waste from the industry’s value chains.

By switching to a circular model with reusable pallets made from recycled plastic, the project will contribute to waste reduction from wooden pallets, reduced CO2 emissions from the production of pallets, and reduced CO2 emissions related to the end-of-life handling of pallets. Total CO2 reduction is calculated to be around 85% for the solution.


“Transitioning from a linear to a circular economy can be hard for one company to do alone. We are so fortunate to have support form Handelens Miljøfond to help catalyze this transition, and enable the scaling of impactful models like this.”

Dr. Susie Jahren, Chief Circular Product officer at AION


Switching to this circular pallet solution, facilitated by our partner CIRCMAR AS who will provide a circular logistic, washing and reuse system for the pallets, will not only yield substantial environmental effects, but it also provides significant cost saving potential over time compared to today’s linear use of single-use wooden pallets. The industry can ‘pay per use’ in a product as a service model.

The pallets in the HMF project will be used for transport of seafood originating in Norway, replacing the single-use wooden pallets that the industry uses today. The project will provide a good stepping stone for scaling the solution to markets outside Norway.


AION has developed a reusable circular plastic pallet, the AION Nestable Pallet, made from 100% recycled plastic waste from the seafood industry. The AION Nestable Pallet is designed for closed-loop recycling and differentiates itself from other pallets on the market:

  • Designed in cooperation with players in the seafood industry to meet their requirements.
  • Made of 100% recycled plastic without reinforcements to ensure optimal recycling.
  • Can maintain a load-bearing capacity of 2,5 tons.
  • Made of 100% traceable recycled plastic from the seafood industry.
  • Light weight and robust design for repeated use and longevity in a pallet pool.
  • Superior nestable design for optimized return transport, with 1,500 empty AION nestable pallets in a container vs 500 Euro-pallets.
  • Designed for the seafood industry with easy clean surfaces and adapted features to grip the fish transport boxes.
  • Truly circular - delivered with return schemes and a fully traceable circular value chain for the materials.
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