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Sustainable Supply Chain Exhibition

25 Apr 2022

AION and Sodexo to develop circular takeaway solutions in Norway

AION Stand: 1340

With the use of fully circular takeaway solutions, the CO2 footprint may be reduced by 96 % compared to single-use plastic items for takeaway food.

The goal of the concept is to develop fully circular takeaway solutions and other products that are made from recycled material from Sodexo’s own operations. A part of the circular concept will be a return solution to guarantee that if items need replacing after many uses, they will go back into the material loop, meaning no plastic waste.

An overall goal for the project is to reduce the environmental impact of the business, and by using fully circular products, the results may be a 96 % reduction in CO2 footprint compared to single-use plastic (and a 90% reduction compared to cardboard boxes) and completely plastic waste-free.

"Sodexo Norway is proud to enter into a “Circularity as a Service”-model with an ambitious startup as AION. Our clients expect us to deliver climate-smart food packaging solutions, especially on takeaway and lunch boxes for the home office. Less waste, reduced CO2 footprint and traceability are key to driving this development,”

says Kirstine Holst, Head of Sustainability & Strategy of Sodexo AS.

The intention of the development project is to work towards the full-scale integration of the product into a circular value chain as a part of the AION Circularity as a Service (CaaS) model.

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