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Conference 2024

Sustainable Supply Chain Exhibition


How can the Rail Industry embrace new tech to unlock freight capacity in Urban areas?

19 Mar 2024

This will unveil and explore the different ways in which rail companies are responding to the needs of the logistics sector to provide no and low carbon distribution networks for moving ‘just in time’ supply chains to rail. Traffic congestion is a big issue for urban logistics operators. By using rail, it is possible to get into the heart of our cities, avoiding the queues of vehicles waiting to make their deliveries, potentially saving time and money. This will be explored through examples of how London terminal stations are being prepared to be used as rail to road transfer points for sustainable last mile deliveries in multiple different sectors from medical to convenience supermarket replenishments.

What does the announcement of the DfT’s Freight Growth Target mean for the sector in the coming years? GBRTT and Network Rail’s Railfreight team are exploring opportunities for delivering on the RFGT. We need to think outside the box and exploring the world of express freight / parcels on passenger services could see a fundamental shift to rail, contributing to growth efforts.


Dan Fredriksson, Development Lead, Express Freight - Great British Railways Transition Team