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Conference 2024

Sustainable Supply Chain Exhibition


Risks Beneath the First-Tier: Using Intelligence to Understand Deep Supply Chain Risks

19 Mar 2024

Shifting conflict, environmental, social and geopolitical trends are straining supply chains in new ways. Political contests between superpowers are adding to regulation that complicates due diligence, compliance and reputation risks. In this environment, effective supply chain management requires not only tactical intelligence on immediate threats but also strategic intelligence that advantages your organization by enabling it to protect its deep supply chain. In this talk on using intelligence analysis to mitigate your deep supply chain risks we will discuss:


  • The value of tactical supply chain intelligence.
  • The necessity of understanding deeper supply chains to mitigate your organization’s risk exposure.
  • How strategic supply chain intelligence provides greater lead time to address emerging climate, geopolitical, and regulatory trends.


Thea Gioe, Director of Training and Programs - Emergent Risk International