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Conference 2024

Sustainable Supply Chain Exhibition


Creating scalable circular solutions with financial and environmental impact

19 Mar 2024

The transformative potential of circular economy practices for plastics and how to establish traceable circular loops. Focusing on logistics and supply chain innovation, AION will showcase how recycled plastics used into high-volume and tailored products such as reusable plastic pallets, can significantly enhance efficiency and reduce costs across industries. This talk will emphasise the substantial sustainability impact of circular solutions and how companies can navigate away from outdated operations, and effectively reduce costs while contributing to a more environmentally responsible approach. 

  • Traceable Circular Loops: Explore how implementing circular economy principles for plastic waste can create traceable loops, allowing for the transformation of discarded materials into new products
  • Logistics/Supply Chain Innovation and Cost Reduction: Discover the innovative use of recycled plastics in logistics and supply chain solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Sustainability Impact and Reporting: Delve into the substantial sustainability impact of circular solutions, examining how businesses can reduce emissions and waste





Susie Jahren, Chief Circular Product Officer - AION